Tuesday, June 29, 2010

EDC 2010 (The Other Side of the Story)

The reason I am writing this is because I have realized how diferent my outlook is on Electric Daisy Carnival than alot of other people.

I want to start off by mentioning that I DID have alot of fun. My friends are the reason I breathe. They made EDC weekend the amazing experience that i had. I, more than ever, have amazing people who love me and appreciate me in my life and I thank all of you!

Where do I begin...?

Electric Daisy carnival is a 2 day event held at LA Memorial Coliseum. This year 2010..there was 185,000 people. The biggest electronic music festival outside Europe.

It's something I had to experience. Went last year for my 21st birthday and this year for my 22nd and it seemed so different to me. Maybe I have changed alot in the last few years or maybe I just have a different out look but I cant give up this feeling that EDC wasnt half of what I expected. 185,000 people is alot to handle and everyone knows that with that amount of people things can not go perfect. People as young as 12 were at this event and the majority of people had less than underwear on to cover their bodies. 13 year old girl in underwear and who knows what sex offenders are following them.

The biggest thing that I noticd and saw around me was the amount of drugs that go into that place. The amount of drugs that each person consumes..not to mention the ancohol which is totally different subject.. (I guess this could go for any huge music event). I could honestly say that 90 or more percent of the people walking around and walking past me were out of their minds on like likes of any drugs you can imagine..lots of hallucinagens and a obscene mount of ecstacy and every other thing you could think of. Not just hangin out but the people were running around everywhere with their eyes rolling back in their heads...talking to themselves...screaming at nothing...not to mention the perverts and weirdos everywhere. You could not have a decenct conversation with 95 percent of the people you crossed. Remember there was people here as young as 12 and yes some were on drugs and smoking and drinnking.

These events are for the love of the music and more and more it seems to be turning into the love of the drugs. This saddens me. This is supposed to be grounds for Peace and love..yet everywhere there is more violence than you can imagine. Fights around every corner, people rushing the fences, people getting trampled and getting their faces smashed, plenty of police brutality and beating going on. I guess that is the price you pay for having this huge of an event in the middle of Los Angeles. I personally almost got into a fight with 3 guys, knowing I was a girl and repetitavly slamming into me and pushing me and throwing elbows my way when all Im trying to do is get heavy on the dance floor and love it like everyone else. I saw a video of fence hopping and little girl get her arm broken and her face smashed and bloody from people trammpling over her... at the same time that happened a dude was overdosing and having a ceasure on the ground and people were still running over him.

Friday night I left completely sober with probably the only other 2 sober people in the place and we sat for an hour just watching THOUSANDS of people getting in their car and driving so fucked up that they cant see straight. Imagine how many accidents and people were injured and died AFTER the event.

Over all there was 226 or more people who suffered major injuries and about 115 of them had to go to the hospital. Just on Saturday night there was 63 people arrested. It has not been reported that anyone died this year.

Imagine everything I didnt see that im sure was out there and resulted from this event..people getting left aone in the middle of LA, people geting raped, people getting stolen.

This weekend was life changing. I will NOT be attending any more massives EVER. I will pray that I never have to step foot into LA again. My heart goes out to anyone who feels the same way as I do. I would love more than anything for people to let me kow how they feel about the event or issue or my opinion.

I will continue going to music festivals and openin my heart to the people and the music that I feel is real. Out there at smaller music festivals with the like of dub and electro and indie and all of the above I have had the most fulfilling times of my life. I will not be missing out on anything. I have already seen or will have the opportunity to see any DJ i want to without going to a massive. I will continue to meet amazing people who I will welcome into my life and who want to enjoy the journey of life with me. I will spend a rediculously less amount of money to continue supporting my festi habit and camping and meeting real people. Thats whats good. So long far out. Remember I love you all!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Skys Above

Me and AK sat on a hill and watched the sunset..AMAZING

Saturday, March 20, 2010


I wish you were in my brain. I wish you felt the words curling out of my pen. My heart wants to jump out of my chest with all the passion I have for life. You know the feeling of being inove..like the feeling when you wanna laugh and cry and scream and die all at the same time then you realize thats exactly whats been happening to you.

All I see is inpiration all around me. Hanging from the trees, falling from the sky, hovering over the ocean. I wanna see GRATEness in my lifetime. I want to remember everything. I want to live my life for myself and so other can benefit. I wanna spread the message of love. Let everyone know that if we just stop the mutiny and learn to survive on our own then things could be perfect. The sadest thing yet is that we all know it will never happen.

I wanna have the best life ever. I want to live in a hesh bubble in the mountains...surrounded by miles of trees. I want an outdoor shower and a little dock to lay on with friends when the sun is going down and we can watch the sunset as River plays the guitar. I want it to be just like the cabin. I want a firplace and my own axe to cut wood. I want to be the queen bitch of herbs and herbal remedies.

I want to live as part of the earth. I want to feel the air like a butterfly. If trees had veins I would want to crawl through them and feel the energy of life as it should be felt. I want to hold the earth and embrace it just as good as the snow when it blankets the earth.

I want to be a part of it. It is me. I want to stop fighting for this side..they make it too easy to fight for them..the heathen humans are turning this beautiful never ending miracle into something that will have an end. What happens when Mother Nature cant hold this on her shoulders anymore and the weight finally gives in?? Thats whats gonna happen. The earth wasnt made to hold this much negativity. The earth wasnt made to endure this much torture and brutality. To be blunt, the earth probably wasnt made at all..it just was.

It's crazy to imagine how this "life" thing works. The human race is taking over and its scary. We are led by temptation into evil. (didnt mean to quote "the man") Humans are selfish, thoughtless, gluttonous animals that happen to be really smart. bad combo.

Keep up on the positive affirmations and mental preframe for GRATEness. Bring the good into your life. Expell the negative. Expect nothing from anyone or anything and you can only go up. Accept every person in your life with open arms and know that if you really desreve it, which every single person does, then it will happen. You need to grab life by the horns. You only get to live once, contrary to popular beleif(who really knows anyway) Every single thing in life is a perception. How do we learn what id right for each person? LIVE AND LEARN AND LOVE and dont get frustrated. Dont worry be happy. So long far out.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Hey.. sorry I have been slacking on this so hard. I would love to post every other day but 90% of the time my computer wont let me upload pictures. Its slow and terrible. Well we went to Bassnectar and it really was amazing. I made my outfit(circus-ish)hehe and Marisas(turquoise corset hoodie) and Aks(purple and zebra hyphy punk rock sweater vest).. enjoy

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Love Life

New pictures of my room setup...Hoody Im making for AK and a few little sisters.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Gone with the Wind

hey everyone.. sorry i have been gone os ling. i went on a trip to nevada city where i saw this amazing brazilian dance band and a rasta band. amazzzing i headed to sonoma the next day them went to see my best bud gabby in humboldt. Here are some pictures of the things we did..